The Reasons behind using Whole Fresh Dates in my recipes

Recently on social media I was asked by some of my followers about the dishes that can be made of dates. There are plenty of them I can make so told them some (will share the dates recipes with my readers here as well in near future). And in between recommended that for the recipes they must chose dates those are pure, fresh and have natural nutrients. Understandably the next question was from where ? And my instant answer was go for “Whole Fresh Dates”. Since that day I have got so many messages in my twitter inbox asking about the reason behind recommending that particular brand. So here I am with my reasons behind using Whole Fresh Dates (also known as Medjool Dates) in Recipes.

First of all the main reason behind going for this particular brand is the got the highest quality, freshness and natural nutrient required in dates for taste and health benefits. These dates are freshly packed from that particular season’s harvest, no cold storage for next season at all. And fresh means better taste and best nutrition.

Secondly these dates are sourced from several high quality Medjool date farms throughout the Southwest that’s the reason they are able to provide the highest quality dates. The date farms located in Bard California, Yuma Arizona and the Coachella valley have the best Palmero farmers in the world. Means they know their job well. So how can an expert get failed to produce something of superior quality. That’s why these medjool dates have their own taste that is actually the taste a pure date have.

Another reason is their service. They are very fast in delivery and ofcourse free delivery  throughout United States with money back guarantee (Only a company selling quality goods can dare to offer a money back guarantee Рyou can count it as another reason ).

And now coming to health benefits of Whole Fresh Dates. It’s the perfect ingredient to your early morning diet as they are naturally sweet and packed with nutrients and sustainable energy to fuel your day. And it has low calories as well, means no threat of weight gain. It contains potassium that’s regulates your blood pressure. And it’s full of energy and the amount of energy in uncountable as you can take a couple of dates and spend next few hours without eating anything else. The Medjool dates have no harmful ingredients like sodium, fat or cholesterol rather it got so many vitamins those are required by our body.

And the very last reason. They got a whole lot of date made products. Means you don’t need to search for date recipes and experimenting on your housemates at all. You can order the already produced date product from wholefreshdates website and just enjoy its taste. Currently they have date sugar, date honey, date rolls and other such date made products on their store.

I think for those who were asking the reasons now got solid answers from my side. And once you will taste these dates you will surely thank me for recommending such tasty and quality product to you.

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