“Grapeseed Oil” a very useful ingredient for your food

Its your chef here with yet another  very useful ingredient for your food the “Grapeseed Oil“. Grapeseed oil is made from the seeds of the wine grape. And other ingredients are Vitamin E and natural antioxidant.  It is characterized by being a fruity oil, used cold to marinate meats and to dress salads. Having an excellent flavor and taste itself it  will add more flavor and taste to your salad and foods.

Given its high smoke point (216 °C) it is also ideal for use as frying oil. smoke point is too much higher then the oils we normally use in our kitchens. High temperature resistance means better frying and less consumption of oil.

It contains vitamin E and a high concentration of linoleic acid (76%) and Omega 6 and all of these are essential for health. It helps to increase “good cholesterol” (HDL) and to reduce “Bad cholesterol. Means if you suffering from any kind of disease involving high blood pressure or your doctor has advised you to control your cholesterol level Grapeseed oil is perfect solution for you.

So due to so above mentioned and many more benefits.  I recommend to use Grapeseed oil in your foods, salads, mayonnaise etc. Your might be thinking that I haven’t mentioned the source of grapeseed oil yet. Its  best production is done by a Triogroup’s company Natural OilsSo you can check their site for availablity of the grapeseed oil and other similar oils produced by them in your region. And you can find more detailed information about the product their.

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