One Hot Cup of Green Chilli Tea!

Tarlton’s “Exotic Collection” tea is one that far exceeds your usual cup of tea. Made through an exotic combination of flowers and fruits to produce a delightful experience of very special Green tea and Ceylon black tea, one sip of this exceptionally refreshing brand of Tarlton tea is bound to flavor your day.

I got in touch with the manufacturers and they stated that the “Exotic Collection” of tea was made with the consumer in mind. Masterfully blended with pure refreshing flavors like Soursop, to spicy health enhancing flavors like Green Chilli and blended with premium quality black tea or green tea that begs to be savored.

Served hot or iced or as culinary pairing at breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, Tarlton’s exotic tea collection is indeed a delight to behold. The aroma is exciting, so much so that I wanted to use their tea to just scent my room with the fragrance of freshness.

Tarlton’s range of exotic tea collection includes; Mango, Mangosteen, Green Chilli, Rambutan and Soursop Tea.  Premium black and green teas encased with the exotic flavors of Sri Lanka.

What I want to talk about is the amazing experience I had trying out this most unique flavor of tea. I can’t seem to bring the exact words to describe it but all I can say is that Green Chilli Tea from Tarlton Tea in Sri Lanka, is one of the most surprising cups of tea I’ve experienced. Needless to say I’ve switched to Tarlton ever since I’ve discovered their other countless flavors. You can see them on their company website, and from my research I’ve learned that it is the flagship brand of Venture Tea in Colombo. One of the leading custom tea manufacturers in the world.

Explore any of these Exotic blends of Tarlton teas and get ready to have an experience of a lifetime. They’ll help you rediscover the magic in Pure Ceylon Tea and Green Tea, taking you through a journey of the Surreal that was once only savored by a privileged few.

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