Making my own Tea Blend with BlendBee

I am hardly satisfied with any tea. Even some of my colleagues and friends are annoyed by my habit but I don’t pretend, I don’t like means I would bluntly say I don’t like it. Searching for solution I went for BlendBee Tea. Not familiar with blendbee ? Even I wasn’t until one of my friend suggested me to go for it as they claim that you can Make Your Own Tea Blend with  BlendBee.

So I was up for the task, to check it out whether BlendBee can be the solution to my long time Tea non satisfaction issue. First of all choosing the right blend was a tough decision to take. There were so many blends available including benefit blends, green tea  blend, black tea blend, chai blend, herbal tea blend, matcha green tea blend and some others. Being a big fan of black tea I went for black tea blend. Forgot to mention there were different sizes of packaging available as well. As I was testing so went for the minimum quantity (30g). There are different ingredients and flavors, I would say it was even tougher ask to choose as the list was very long and I would go for many. Took time but selected the ones I love and ordered for home delivery.


Once I go the parcel delivery without wasting anytime I went for it. It didn’t took much time to make a tea out of the tea  blend I selected. I would say it was the best tea of my life. That’s was the time I came to know what was missing from me tea “The blend of my own choice”. BlendBee surely has done an exceptional work. They let you make your own tea and if you want to have some custom flavors or ingredients they can make it available for you as well.

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