Briggs TRUE Texas Sauces & Seasonings products representing a lifestyle of substance and quality

Briggs True unique hand select ingredients with the quality that make life’s simple pleasures more fulfilling. We strive to satisfy the palettes and styles of customer that want more flavor in their food without sacrificing quality. Providing Speciality Sauces, BBQ Rubs, All Purpose Seasonings, BBQ Sauce, Jellies, Jams and Specialty Gift items with superior quality for a reasonable price for the flavor seeking appetites.


Some of us like things a little spicier and healthier than most. It may be the foods we eat or the way we live. Briggs TRUE Texas Sauces & Seasonings products represent a lifestyle of substance and quality. Committed to the highest standards of products, we’ve created an exclusive line of Hot Sauces, Seasonings, Rubs, Jellies, Jams and Easy Recipes that add a kick and a punch to your life.


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