SweetAddict – The Delicious and Tasty Gourmet Sweets

Last Month we were having a festivity in our community in New York. It was my duty to bring sweats for the event and there was one condition imposed ‘It must be unique, like one never tasted before’.  It seemed a hard task until I came across SweetAddict. My friend had referred them years back but I hadn’t tried them yet. So opted to try them this time.


Once I logged into their store it was a mouthwatering experience for me. So much variety in sweets and presentation was so cool. It was a tough choice to choose for the event. There sweets were categorized in different flavors using brittles, caramels, mashmallows, truffles, favors and there were seasonal sweets as well. After selecting and deleting different options finally I went for  ‘ Gourmet NEAPOLITAN Marshmallows ‘ and ‘Vanilla Bourbon Caramels ‘. (It was hard decision to chose as I wanted to buy and taste so many).

After ordering I left special note to shop owner and asked her to send the delivery as fast as possible as I need to have it on the party on the coming weekend. I was impressed by the reply. As she said I treat each customer as special and don’t delay in sending when all ready so I don’t need to worry at all. And she was absolutely right I got the delivery in time.


Finally the eve of festival arrived, the one I waited so anxiously not for the reason of event itself but for tasting the sweets and to see the response of others in the party to my choice. Waooo that was amazing. I really hadn’t tasted anything so delicious, amazing and sweetly crafted in my life. And that was not only my opinion, majority of my fellows on the party loved it and asked me from where I had purchased it 🙂 . Vanilla Bourbon Caramels was so fresh with crisp and smooth and easy to devour. While NEAPOLITAN Marshmallows were so yummy that I can’t explain int words. Each bite had different taste.

SweetAddict made my day so it was impossible not to share my pleasant experience with my readers here. I would suggest you to try them. You can Order SweetAddict from anywhere in the world as they provide worldwide delivery.

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