Get to know the Mexican food with Eating With Carmen

Are you fond of Mexican food? There is so much variety in Mexican food. It’s hard to point out a single one that’s my favourite. So what I do is, read the reviews of different chefs, food lovers and travelers who have tasted so many foods in Mexico. That really gives you an idea about the flavour and taste  of that food item.  But problem is, reading about them hardly gives you a clear idea as you can’t see the facial impression of the person when he tastes the food. So I was looking for some video tours or something and luckily came across Eating With Carmen. Apart from written testimonials they also gives you a virtual tour of the place and the food.

Eating With Carmen can surely help you chose the best food around. It’s a food tour company based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. You walk around the city to taste and review the different food it has to offer. Meaning you can actually enjoy a walking tour through the city with them. You will taste the different flavours of Mexico from different food stands and restaurants that local frequent that can give you a nice idea about they culture and its culinary tradition.


So with them you can find out about the  history, food and drinks, around the city. Making things easier for you when you travel to the city or want to chose a Mexican food to eat. So visit Eating With Carmen  now for food tours in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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