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Hong Kong Based Spice Store Offers a Hassle Free Shopping of High Quality Indian and Pakistani Grocery and Consumer Products for its Customers through its online store. Spice Store, the leading online grocery store in and around Hong Kong, offers a variety of grocery and consumer products essential for expatriates as well as for the mainstream Chinese population. With low cost, affordable prices and a free home delivery, Spice Store offers the best online grocery shopping experience one can ever have.

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Nothing can be more stressful for people than doing the weekly grocery & food shopping; especially for working people who cannot make time to shop for their grocery & food needs. All they can spare is their weekends which they can’t as they want to spend some quality time to relax and enjoy with their families and friends rather than spending hours driving on the road, pulling up the grocery baskets, standing in the queues for long hours. And if busy moms want to shop for groceries they will have to call up the grocery shop, enquire about the products they want, check the respective prices, and then check if the stock is available or not.

which in most of the cases is not available. And all they want is a hassle free way to shop for their kitchen and home needs that will not require them of standing in the long queues at their grocery stores or call up the grocery shop to check availability.
Sensing the haplessness and stress experienced by the working people and busy moms, the Hong Kong Based online store for groceries; Spice Store now offers a hassle free shopping for all the working people and busy moms. From the comfort of one’s home, one can save time by browsing through a wide range of grocery and consumer products available on the online store, selecting them, paying through through credit cards or choose cash on delivery (COD) and enjoy a fast free home delivery; at lightning speed! The range of grocery products at Spice Store is exceptional and exhaustive. From international brands, to local favorites to organic products, it has wide range of grocery and consumer products that are now a household name much to delight of the customers and Spice Store.

spice store

It has staple products of premium quality like rice, oil, sugar and salt, flour, lentils and legumes, fresh farm grown fruits and vegetables as well as high quality tea and coffee products. In its spices and oil section, it accommodates herbs and condiments, ready-to-make” recipe mixes, “ready to use” spice mixes, sauces and pickles that are lip smacking, dips, pastes and spreads for sandwiches, pastas, pizzas etc., cooking oils and ghee of genuine brands. The dessert and dairy category boasts of dessert mixes like flavored custard mixes, flavored jelly mixes etc.
Also listed on the website are the snacks and drinks category as well as meat and meals category. While the snacks and drinks category has high quality stocks of rose syrup, fruit punch, mango juice, dry fruits like dates, almonds, raisins etc., snacks and nibbles. The meat and meals category has premium quality of “ready-to-eat” meals from premium brands like Kohinoor, Haldirams etc., frozen meats like chicken, beef, sausages etc.
These products which are sourced from India, Pakistan, and rest of the world have found special mentions in the press media too. SpiceStore has also found a top spot on MSN News Hong Kong where it has mentioned that SpiceStore is the online store where one can find premium quality lentils and legumes. In addition to this and according to SassyMama; a blog and a “go-to-guide” dedicated to women and mothers, “It can be hard enough to find Indian groceries anywhere in Hong Kong, let alone online – but we’ve struck gold with Spice Store. Their virtual shelves are stuffed with hard-to-find spices, herbs and sauces, plus lentils and grains, frozen meals and Indian snacks and drinks. Forget the ready mixes… Now there’s no excuse not to get cooking up your own curries!”

So visit for your next grocery shopping.

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