Find the best bar and restaurant services around with TappedApp

Most of the time, you depend on word-of-mouth.Your friend or colleague suggested a new eatery or a pub and you may want to give it a try. But what if the person who suggested you has a different choice or taste?  So what would you do?  You would likely search reviews from different people.

So how do you find the best restaurant or bar in your area?

As far as I am concerned, recently I am following an app called Tapped for such reviews. Best thing about this app is it’s usefulness for all kind of people regardless of age and location. It’s helpful for any restaurant and bar visitors. If you know how to use a mobile app, its for you. And you don’t need to worry it’s very simple and easy to use. You don’t need to be an expert. And this app is Free to download.

So what actually this app offers? It provides an opportunity to rate the service provider. Now you have a choice and power to make your service experience count. If you can’t find the server/bartender registered on this app then you can add them within a minute , simply take a picture of the receipt and boom add the server and rate him/her. That’s why it’s called Imtappingit.


And there is another plus point, Customers who review 10 servers , get a swag bag FREE !!

Similarly other people around you will be rating the services of the bartenders/servers as well. That will provide you an opportunity to checkout the best service restaurant in your area before you go there.

Whether you are carrying an iPhone, Android or Tablet, you can download TappedApp for FREE . You can also visit OR to know more. Happy Tapping!

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