Energy Drinks Don’t Have to Taste Awful and Like Medicine

I thought they had to – in order to mask the B-vitamins, Caffeine, etc.?

That is what I always wondered until I discovered Kicktail Energy Mixers, a new product made in Laguna Beach. I grabbed a variety pack and decided to give them a go.

Already they don’t really seem like normal energy drinks – pretty slick packaging and design, with a cool “K” logo.  No loud colors or gaudy lightning bolts or anything, and has a premium brand appearance.
Kicktail Energy Mixers
I did the obligatory ingredient check next, which was pretty impressive. Kicktail has the standard energy mixtures of B-Vitamins, Caffeine, Taurine, etc… but it was great to find out they were all-natural and kosher certified, with no chemicals or weird preservatives to be found.  Also, they were lower in sugar than expected – and their Club Soda has none!

It was time for the final test – with all that energy, how do they taste?  Would they be overly sweet or nothing like their intended flavor?  This is where I was incredibly impressed.  They all tasted great.  Their ‘Cola’ was reminiscent of a decent Cola and mixed very well with whisky. The ‘Lemon-Lime’ was like a typical Sprite or 7-up, and we tried that with tequila to much enjoyment.  I’d anticipated that the ‘Cranberry’ would be a sweet over-bearing fake cranberry taste, but it tasted exactly like normal cranberry juice at any bar or restaurant. The ‘Tonic’ went well with our gin, and again, tasted exactly the same as a normal tonic.
Kicktail Energy Mixers1
The fact that Kicktail has been able to make energy drinks into such “normal” delicious cocktail flavors are a real feat, but I have to have a special mention for their ‘Club Soda’ and ‘Ginger Beer’.  Club Soda tastes exactly like club soda – how do they do that?  It gave me all the energy boost but with zero taste.  I couldn’t believe it.  Lastly, Kicktail Ginger Beer was surprisingly better than most ginger beers out there that don’t even give you energy! It had just the perfect bite, and made for a tasty Moscow Mule (or two!).

All and all, Kicktail is a success. Check them out on their website, or if you want to order them on Amazon click HERE.  Enjoy the energy!

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