‘Drive Thru Ninja’ The Best App to Find Nearby Restaurant And Order Food Online

Recently I came across this very useful app named “Drive Thru Ninja”.  It’s very useful for restaurant owners and consumer as well. A consumer can search for nearby restaurant and order, While it makes it easier for restaurants to receive the orders with all details from their customers.For the consumers first 30 orders of the month will be free to order. And in case you are a restaurant the first 30 free facility will be for you as well but if you want to get unlimited orders, the app is for just $99 per year for unlimited orders.

Now we will see how the app actually works. For the restaurants who want to use this app for getting orders its very simple to setup. After installing the app on your smartphone just click  the “Order Online” button on the website or your Facebook page where you have the menu for the consumers for taking orders. You will be able to take all orders directly from your smart-phone. You will receive a notification every time  a consumer places an order. And you will get all the details of the consumer and the order.

And for the consumers its even more easier to use. Just download and install the app on your device. And get registered with your address, phone etc. Now you can search for the food and nearby restaurant. Once you have selected what you want to order, you can place the order. You order will be placed directly to the restaurant you selected through this app. Now you won’t have to wait for you order to be served. Restaurant will know via GPS when you’ve arrived in the parking lot and will bring the food out to your car.

And the app will keep the record of the orders you have made. Next time if you want to repeat the order you don’t have to waste your time for all the process again. Just reorder the food with a single click. Isn’t it great ?


These are some more salient features of the app:

  • Very simple interface, easy to use
  • Find delicious food in restaurants nearby
  • Get a map to the restaurant
  • Restaurant owners can send daily specials to app users
  • App saves your last several orders so you can re-order with one touch
  • No need to waste time waiting for the order to be served just order before leaving and it will be served once you reach there
  • If you want it to be delivered you can request it as well.

Now there isn’t any point left that will restrain you from using this app. Just search for Drive thru Ninja in your iOs store and install the app. I am enjoying this app since last month and I am sure my readers will like it as well. Don’t forget to share your experience with this app on our social media.  Have a nice day !

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