Cookooz a new innovative app to keep a record of all your recipes

In the past it was hard to manage and keep the recipes in record. Writing down the recipes on your notebook and on the time of need searching the one you want to cook used to be a hard one. But the technology had made things much easier. Particularly the new app I am going to tell you about. A new iOS recipe organiser and menu planner app called Cookooz is in the market to make things more easier and interesting for you.

It’s definitely going to be proved as an innovation in the cooking field. With the help of this app you can snap any photos of recipes from cookbooks, internet, magazines into this app. By saving and tagging the recipes into Cookooz app, you can search the recipes easily for your own future references.


Already, Cookooz is getting the thumbs up from cooks all over. Master Chef Asia cooking reality contestant, Blanche Chu, unreservedly endorsed the app. She said: “This is exactly what I have been searching for. Now I can organise my numerous recipes into 1 simple app, and meal plan easily!”

Another user, Kevin Kane, from United States, said: “For someone with a lot of recipes of their own, the search features of this app are very helpful. By being able to search by tags and having everything in one place, it’s much easier to meal plan.”

Cookooz is now available for download at US$0.99 (instead of US$2.99) for a limited time at the iOS app store. For further information, visit


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