Add Flavor And Taste To Your Recipes With Plant Rich Organics Products

Hello folks its your master chef here. Today I have something special to share with you. A very delicious recipe made from  Plant Rich Authentic Indian Food. Main product we will be discussing today and also will be using in the recipe is plant rich organic all purpose cooking paste. Plant Rich Organics is and authentic Indian Food company founded by Anand Jose.

chef anand
Chef Anand Jose

Anand is a qualified Chef and brings his distinctive & traditional sense of Indian food, food preparation & recipes.   Plant Rich Organics is an Australian Certified Organic Range. And plant rich organic all purpose cooking paste is one of the main products by them.

As promised earlier here is a delicious recipe made from this plant rich organic all purpose cooking paste

recipe1And the Curry is ready to be served. So delicious and yummy !!

What are you waiting for ? Get all the ingredients and start cooking. Most of the items might already be at your home else you can buy them from any grocery shop. And you can order Plant Rich Organic all purpose cooking paste here.


Wait !! If you are from Australia there is a good news for you. No matter where you live in Australia, you can get a free sample of the product posted to your home . Isn’t it great ??

You need to hurry up as the offer is limited to the first 5 persons (Repeating again only from Australia) who ask for the sample. You can either contact us or mail them at– Don’t forget to mention you are looking for Free sample for Plant Rich Organic all purpose cooking paste .

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