Lets Make “Tirzah’s Kitchen” Dream into Reality

As all my readers know I have great love for food, particularly for healthy food. And always support those who start a cooking career for the right cause. I recently came across a Kickstarter campaign of an expert chef Tirzah. I knew her for being a good food blogger and a highly skilled chef. And now when I came to know she need funds to convert a really innovative idea of “Tirzah’s Kitchen” into reality, I am backing up her and also want my readers to backup this project.

Tirzah’s Kitchen is not just a cafe or catering place, she want it to be place where she will take cooking class and also educate people about conscious eating and healthy food. She will also be providing “Go and Fit Meals”.   Means Tirzah’s Kitchen is going to be a multi purpose project. A good cause that needs backing up.

For those who don’t know Chef Tirzah. She is a Private Chef and Caterer. Her love of cooking begin at a very early age and becoming a professional chef was her dream. She started with a cooking blog the response was so good and after getting some orders through blog she finally left her job to become a professional chef and start her own catering service ” Tirzah Catering”.

tirzah catering

Chef Tirzah is not only a full time private chef, she also teaches and promote healthy cooking. She also prepares healthy meals for individuals on the go. She teaches cooking classes called “Cooking with Tirzah” at  Food Farm in Vacaville, CA where she is focusing on conscious eating, raw foods, and meatless options.  She is also working with the Sacramento Kings players and enjoys educating them on “conscious eating”.  So now she wanna do this all at one place “Tirzah’s Kitchen”.

Chef Tirzah Love has made preparing gourmet food her passion in life, and you have the opportunity to allow her to reach a wider breadth of clientele. This production kitchen and catering service can be real game changers for the community. Make a difference and donate to the Kickstarter right away.

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