Eat Delicious Greek Food at King Gyros

Have you ever tried Greek dishes? There are quite a few Greek dishes I have tried and trust me the Greek recipes are damn good, delicious and finger licking. I know what will be your next question. From where to get Greek recipes? Is there any Greek restaurant around? Answer to these and other similar questions is very simple, ‘King Gyros Greek Restaurant’. Situated at S Hamilton Rd Columbus, OH, this restaurant is pure Greek Restaurant.

Apart from classic Greek recipes they have some mouth watering family recipes you would fall in love with. If you would ask me about their top dishes, I would say you must checkout their sandwiches, falafel, juicy lamb chops, authentic stuffed grape leaves, tasty baklava, Salad and the wonderful Greek salads and some others.

Best thing is, there services are not limited to restaurant.They also offer catering services as per your needs. If you are planning a party in nearby areas you can ask them over. So entertain your guests with the Greek Food .
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