Delicious Filipino food for all your events at Nick’s Kitchen

If you are are looking for authentic and delicious Filipino foods then our chef recommends Nick’s Kitchen located in Daly City, CA. Nick’s Kitchen provides both dine in and catering services.

If you want to enjoy Filipino Food then you can dine in at nick’s kitchen as it not only has good food but also its dine in capacity is vast. 50 People can dine in at a time at the restaurant and the service is exceptionally good.

nick's kitchenAnd in case you are looking for some food arrangements for your party or full catering services nick’s kitchen provides the best services, delicious food, in time delivery and all that in reasonable prices.

Nick’s Kitchen Menu is all but delicious and variety of Filipino foods. That includes variety of NOODLES including Pancit Miki Bihon, Pancit Palabok and Pancit Malabon. Also variety of Pork and chicken based EGG ROLLS (Filipino Lumpia). There are other CHICKEN and PORK dishes those are also in nick’s kitchen specialty.

And that’s not all they also offer delicious  BEEF and VEGETABLE Filipino dishes. And in case you are in mood of BBQ  (SKEWERS) or want to order steamed, garlic fried or Binagoongan Fried Rice you can get all here. Means a lot of Filipino food variety at one place. You can view Nick’s kitchen Full menu to order your favorite food either for your party or visit the restaurant and enjoy your dinner there.

And one last thing and definitely very important and exciting thing for Filipino food lovers. Nick’s Kitchen is providing  Special discount for our readers. Just click the image below and while ordering mention this ad and you will get the discount.

Nick's Kitchen

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