Celebrate National Soup Month With Homemade Soup Delivered To Your Door!

From Chicken Soup when you’re sick, to Lobster Bisque for Date Night, one thing is certain, Americans LOVE soup!
We like thin, clear broth and we like it rich and creamy. We like it light and healthy and we like it hearty and meaty.
We like soup, chowder, bisque and gumbo.

The fact that we all love soup makes Julie Shipley, owner of The Soup Shop in Melbourne, Florida very happy!

So happy that she makes 1,000 gallons a week for her retail store, takeout, and she even offers homemade soup delivery nationwide!

Julie Shipley,
Shipley is committed to only using top quality ingredients in all seventy of her soups.

Small Beginnings
When Shipley attended Culinary School it was mainly because she loved to cook as a hobby. Her passion became her profession the day a friend who owned a café asked her if she knew how to make soup.

When she saw how much the café’s diners liked her soups she started offering them to more restaurants.

Before long she had to set up her own commercial kitchen to handle the orders coming in from two dozen local eateries.

She experimented with offering select soups directly to customers. The response was so good her landlord threatened to cancel her lease because of the traffic and parking problems.
The parking problem was a turning point which pressured Shipley into opening a retail location. Now customers enjoy a cup of soup at one of The Soup Shop’s sidewalk tables, or stop and pick up a quart to take home for dinner.

Seasonal visitors told Shipley they wished their hometowns had great soup like hers, so she started offering nationwide soup delivery.

In celebration of National Soup Month The Soup Shop is offering all our readers a 10% discount on soup delivery. Just use Code SOUPJAN at https://www.thesoupshop.com/

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