Want to try something new in Chicken?

Do you have a plan to cook some chicken dish today? There can be so many chicken dishes either spicy or salty or crispy, means you got plenty of options with chicken. But you got one main ingredient ‘Chicken’ . Now all you need is a good chicken recipe.

We can actually cook chicken in so many ways. And the best thing about it is the taste we get in each recipe. It’s completely different with the other one. From chicken BBQ to Asian chicken Karahi you can cook it multiple ways and you will never get bored of the taste you will get  each time. You can mix it up with pasta, you can put chicken pieces in salad, you can go for chicken sandwich, you can make a crispy burger from chicken and so on and on.

All that makes chicken the best food you can have. No matter what kind of chicken you like, spicy, salty, sweetish, brown, white or crispy, you can get variety of recipes to cook them. If you would ask my opinion, I love spicy chicken. Even if I would be making chicken BBQ, I would be adding sauces and vinegar to make it spicier. And I am sure, if spicy foods don’t make your nose running 🙂 you should try it as well.

Nevertheless, chicken is chicken, even if you are boiling it and making simple soap to keep yourself hot in this cool weather, that would help.


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