Very delicious Recipe of Tropical Moringa Smoothie with Pomegranate

Nutrient packed smoothie is not only delicious and healthy but also one of the best day starter. I recently came across this delicious recipe ‘Tropical Moringa Smoothie with Pomegranate’. Moringa leaf powder supercharges this mix with a rare combination of over 92 bio-available nutrients. ¬†Banana, mango, young coconut, kiwi, spinach and of course moringa, combine to make a creamy—and easy—tropical treat.¬† You will definitely love this.

Note: Recipe’s main ingredient Moringa leaf powder can be bought from this link.



1- banana
1/2- large mango
1- kiwi
1- tbsp greek yogurt
1- cup almond or coconut milk
1- meat from young coconut
1- tbsp MoringaMio leaf powder
1- tbsp pomegranate kernels
1- handful of spinach

Now it comes to method . You can checkout the complete method to make this recipe here



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