See why people go bananas over these MyGreatRecipes banana bread recipes

Banana bread, hardly are these words out when a vast image out of MyGreatRecipes tranquilizes my sight! Don’t get confused, the Yeats analogy is only there to emphasize the fact how much I love banana bread. And I think found the greatest Banana Bread Recipes of all times, hence the vast image part.

Banana bread expert

Ok enough literary talk, I might not strike people as one, but I definitely am a foodie. I just can’t resist a good meal, and it is only logical that I like to make my own food. When it comes to banana bread I am the person to go to. I have been exploring new recipes for quite a while now, and have been a real advocate for the benefits of banana bread for the whole household.

Peach Banana Bread

peach banana

First of all, you don’t have to throw ripe bananas away, or as it is the case with the peach coconut banana bread, you don’t have to throw peaches away either. This recipe includes two of my all time favorites, coconut and peach, you can only imagine the smell that comes out while cooking… it is divine. What’s even better, it only takes an hour to prepare, and let me tell you a secret… I took the liberty of adding cream and fresh peaches in each of the servings. Not only did it taste great, but it also looked great. Let’s face it, even with homemade recipes, presentation is as important as taste.

Blueberry Banana bread

blueberry banana

We’ve asserted that I love banana bread, and that I love coconut, so I will give away another secret… MyGreatRecipes abounds with tasty combinations of this kind, and almost all of my recipes are borrowed from there. The blueberry coconut banana bread is a great twist on the regular one. The berries give it a more vibrant look and of course add to the moistness of the banana bread. Just try a bite you will definitely be ready for the “Second serving”!

Cooking doesn’t have to be all about routine, get creative! The best loaf of banana bread may not actually be made entirely of bananas, give it a go and “an excellent beauty is born!”

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