Home made meals are good for your health

The first and most important reason why homemade meals are good for health is that homemade meals are neat and clean. They provide the best level of hygiene that is possible. Your home provides a neat and tidy cooking environment. So, food cooked at home is healthier, cleaner and safer. Those who eat food cooked at home get a more pure form of food than restaurants or hotels. Also, since you will be in control of cooking at home, you will know exactly how you prepare your food.Woman seasoning food

When eating in restaurants, you can never be sure of the hygienic conditions. Many workers of restaurants do not wash the vegetables properly and this makes them unhealthy.


  • The second benefit of homemade meals is that eating out wastes money on food which is neither as good as a homemade meal, nor as healthy. Whenever you go to restaurants and motels for lunches, you pay twice as much as you would have spent on homemade dishes.Home-Made-Tips
  • Vegetables, fruits, grains, herbs and spices used in homemade meals are properly and thoroughly washed, cleaned, dried and cut. Hence, you get fresh and healthy food. Proper washing of uncooked stuff is very important and you can easily do that yourself in the neat environment of your home kitchen. Unhygienic food can be a major source of food poisoning, cholera and dysentery especially in kids.healthy foodWhen food is properly cleaned and cut before cooking, all the essential nutrients and vitamins of the food are preserved. This entraps all the essential vitamins and minerals in the food.
  • Working people should always prefer taking home made sandwiches and snacks for lunch rather then dining out daily. This will not only provide them with healthy food, but will also save the wastage of their money. It will also ensure good health and you will be sure about the quality of food.
  • Although juice packs and fizzy drinks are commonly used these days, but they can never be compared with fresh homemade juices. Juices made at home are very healthy and should be taken especially with breakfast. Fresh homemade juices can also be taken to the work place apart from drinking carbonated beverages. Fizzy drinks and carbonated beverages are very harmful for bones and teeth as they demineralise the bony structure gradually. This makes bones weak and prone to easy fractures.cooking oil
  • The cooks at restaurants use the same oil for frying again and again. This oil is used the whole day, which spoils the health contents of fried food. At home you are sure of the quality and neatness of the cooking oil.
    1. Many restaurants also use oil containing trans-fats. These fats can cause many diseases of the heart and colon. They can also lead to high cholesterol levels, high fat in blood and hypertension.fast food for home

    Apart from these, home made meals are more nutritious, and are also low in fats. Most of the food you eat at restaurants is high in calories and has lots of unhealthy fats which can be harmful for the body and lead to problems like heart disease and obesity. People who dine out regularly are more prone to problems like weight gain and high blood pressure. Therefore, you should avoid dining out often and also avoid fast foods as they are unhealthy and lack in nutrients. Cooking at home can also be used as a great way to spend quality time with your kids and family. So make sure you cook and eat homemade meals and dine out less so you can stay healthy and fit.


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