For the Love of Football & BBQ: 3 Unique Twists to Add to Your Super Bowl Grilling Party

Hut one. Hut two. Hut three more grilled pork steaks on that ol’ BBQ!  Football and BBQ are the peanut butter and jelly of the American spring.

And with the rise of good ol’ President Trump asking us all: What does it mean to be an American?… we thought you mind need a tasty (politics-free) reminder.

With no further ado, here are 3 ways to add a new twist to a great American tradition.

  • Replace the tired ‘bun’ with more unique serving options


With Super Bowl season right around the corner, the posts of finger foods and finger sandwiches are no doubt filling your threads!

But does anyone ever dare to ask: Why must BBQ chicken or pork be served on a bun? We did! We dared, and the delicious (Omega-3 rich) results were all the reward we needed.

Here is our recipe for BBQ-Stuffed Avocados that are so delicious that you’ll have to fight to keep your eye on the game:

BBQ-Stuffed Avocadoes


  •         1 bottle of BBQ sauce (appx. 18 ounces)
  •         1 lb. pulled pork (cooked)
  •         5 avocadoes
  •         1 tsp course ground black pepper
  •         1 tsp Mediterranean sea salt
  •         Vegetable spray
  •         Chopped cilantro and/or red bell pepper (optional


  1. Cut the avocadoes in half, and remove the seeds.
  2. Season with salt and pepper
  3. Spray vegetable spray on avocado, and place on a hot grill. Turn the avocado every two minutes until both sides have nice brown grill marks.
  4. Place pulled pork in place of seed
  5. Drizzle BBQ sauce over the avocado
  6. Garnish w/ cilantro and/or bell pepper (if desired)

Voila!  Enjoy both a meaty and “healthy fat” saturated appetizer this Super Bowl season!

  • Add an extra level of flair to your backyard parties.


Here’s a trick from the high-end restaurants we’ve used to serve up a fast casual meal with a nice and varied color palette. Add some green and purple to the typical red color of an outdoor BBQ by throwing in some charred fennel, grilled asparagus spears or braised purple cauliflower.

The more colors you add, the better you will balance out the one-tone look of BBQ sauce-slathered meats. Also, add an extra ‘smoky’ effect by serving up your platters on a serving plate covered with dried ice.  It will take your backyard BBQ to a whole new level.

You might have seen dry ice used to give cocktails or Halloween drinks a steaming ice effect.  But apply the same technique to a home cooked meal or outdoor BBQ and you can add an extra ‘smoky’ effect to your platters.

Just place a little dry ice on a big platter, and layer on some smaller plates of grilled meats: ribs, grilled chicken or shrimp. It will take your backyard BBQ to a whole new level.

  1.   Add a little heart to your Super Bowl affair.


With Superbowl Sunday just a week ahead of Valentine’s Day, it’s the perfect chance to give your sweetheart a little extra love before the day.  Here’s a recipe for Valentine-Inspired BBQ Pot Pies – from our heart to yours.

Mini Heart-y BBQ Pies

What you’ll need:
– Pulled barbeque (pork, beef, or chicken)
– Store bought pie crusts (or homemade if you’re feeling ambitious)
– Any veggies you like with your barbeque (onions, corn,  jalapenos, etc.)
– Heart-shaped cookie cutter (I recommend a good size, about 5 inches in width)
– Egg wash (whisked egg with a bit of water)
– Flour


You can choose to buy your pulled meat from the store or make it on your own. An easy route (though allow yourself enough time) is to use a crockpot. Throw the meat of choice in the crockpot with your favorite BBQ sauce and wait until you can shred it with a fork. Additionally season to your liking.

Flour your cooking surface to lay out your pie crust. Roll it out if needed but keep it relatively thick. Start cutting out your hearts. Make sure every heart is a pair.

Take your filling (BBQ meat and selected veggies) and lay some in the middle of half of your heart cutouts. Make sure to put it in the middle of the heart and not too close to the hearts’ edges.

Lay the other half of your hearts atop of the filled hearts. Pinch the corners of your heart “sandwiches” with a fork. They will start resembling little heart pies. Once they are all pressed, brush some egg wash over the tops and edges of your hearts. Poke a few holes in the top heart as well for venting.

Bake at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes or until your crusts are a golden. Times may vary.

Then enjoy with your own sweetheart-y!

Also, this recipe is easily adaptable to sweet too. Pick any of your favorite pie filling (apple, caramel, raspberry, pumpkin, etc.) and repeat the process.

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We’re not prissy. And we’ll cheer for every touchdown right along with you – AND do the dishes when the game is through.

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