How Nutritionists Eat Fast Food

We all know it’s healthier to skip the drive-thru, but everyone eventually finds themselves at a roadside rest stop or caves into a French-fry craving. The trick is making the healthiest fast-food choice you can.junk food

So we turned to the nutrition experts who created the menus for our favorite fast-food joints to find out what healthy meals they order when they eat on the foody

Most of the foods that follow are pretty good in terms of calories and fat, but they’re still loaded with sodium. Most adults should have less than 2,300 mg daily, and many of these meals provide half that amount or more!

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“I typically order the BK Veggie Burger, but I hold the mayo,” says Stephanie Quirantes, RD, the nutrition and health manager for Burger King Corp., North America.burger For a side and beverage, she has the Fresh Apple Fries and either fat-free milk or water. “This gives me four of the main food groups—grains, protein, fruit, and dairy.”

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