Watermelon Slicer and Server by Lefali – An Innovative Product

Its always been a tough ask cutting water melon or similar fruits. Most of the time cutting through regular knife results in a mess. Even if its cut properly it spoils at the time of serving. So its been a big issue since ages. But not anymore. There is an innovative product “Watermelon Slicer & Server” launched by Lefali that will make it easy and fun way to slice your watermelon. Perfect for enjoying all the flavor and health benefits of this great fruit.

lefali watermelon slicer

This Slicer and server is very much cost effective and will bring so much ease and fun into your life.

Saves Times and Money

With the help of slicer & server you’ll cut up a watermelon for smoothies or fruit salad in half the time without any wastage of fruit.  Now you don’t need to buy the over priced pre-cut melon chunks in the grocery store-that have been there for long time. You can cut the fresh watermelon at home and eat with ease. Means it will save your time and money.

Avoids Mess While Cutting

Cutting watermelon by knife is always a mess. Normally the juice cascades over the counter top and you have to use half a roll of paper towels to Clean it. Watermelon cutter has make it easier task without any kind of mess. You can slice the melon straight out of the rind, which captures all the juice like a bowl. Use the slicer to clean out the rind and replace the watermelon chunks for a creative presentation. So no more mess with watermelon slicer.

Easy to Cut & Slice

You can slice up a whole watermelon perfectly within seconds. With the help of this most advance innovative tool, you’ll be able to cut and serve each slice with ease.

Safe and Kids Friendly

It’s ergonomically designed, dishwasher safe and durable. No sharp edges so kids of all ages can enjoy slicing their own piece without any worry of cutting themselves.

Premium Quality Material

Watermelon slicer is made from the highest quality 18/10 Stainless Steel with enhanced ergonomically designed handles which curves in sharp edges and is comfortable to hold and use.

Can Be Used for Cakes & Snakes

This Slicer is not only limited to watermelon slicing usage. It also works on cakes and similar snakes. You can cut and pick a piece of cake perfectly.

Ideal For Home & Parties

It’s an ideal kitchen tool for home and parties. Comfortable to cut and grab Watermelon or Melon slices. A must to keep in your kitchen and equally useful for parties in the Summer!

You can find updates and further information about this innovative product on this facebook page.

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