Toch Smarturns an Innovative device for you kitchen

I recently came across a very innovative device ready for production on kickstarter so thought about sharing it her with you. This device is very useful as it will Notify you when cooking may become a danger. How? very simple you will change your stove knobs with the knobs provided in TOCH Smarturns pack and after setting up sensors and further settings instructed you will have you kitchen fully secure as now you stove have become a Smart Stove.

When its install and activated Toch Smarturns automatically monitors your activity within the area around your stove when the burners are on. If you walk away from the stove for an extended period while the burners are still on, Smarturns will alert you through alarms from the hub and a mobile phone notification to return to your unattended stove. Smarturns helps keep your family and home safer from the risk of a fire and helps prevent burnt cookware and food, and energy loss. Your mind can be put at rest knowing that our technology is helping to improve the safety of you and your family.

Even if you are not at home and stove has been left on or any kid at home has turned stove on you will get notification immediately. That’s called smart and innovative technology at your service. Just install the device and be relax from your kitchen wherever you are.

toch smarturns

Isn’t it so cool and useful ? Definitely it’s the need of time and must be produced to become a part of our kitchen.

Everything is prepared just it needs our attention and help. It’s on Kickstarter and we need to backup the project through our funding to bring it into market.

For further information and for funding the project you can visit Kickstarter

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