Sharp, Rust Free Professional Knife with 5 Blades Scissor

Knife is an essential tool in the kitchen. A good sharp knife can make your kitchen life easy and entertaining. That’s why I am always in seek of good professional knives. Collecting knives since last 6 years and the most recent and most amazing addition to this collection is a professional 8” Chef Knife by R-Bell. A perfect size, sharp edge knife is the best one to be used for cutting sushi, meat, fruits and vegetables.

The reason behind recommending this knife is the qualities and features of this knife. First of all the handle installed on this knife is the best one around. It’s finely crafted waterproof pakkawood handle. Easy and comfortable in grabbing and you can use it for hours without straining your hands. And they have cut it in perfect shape to make it a perfect fit for your hands.

rbell knife

They are made in such way that they don’t absorb any food element, that makes them safe for you health. And as they don’t absorb any food smell or element so keep the original taste and the color of your food. Another main feature I would like to mention, RBell Knives are totally rust free. As they are made from made of high carbon stainless steel, so no chance of rust at all even after months usage . No rust means no germ and bacteria. And the sharp edge won’t get dull either,

And the last and the most important feature is its sharpness. Their is no need sharpening, works well for slicing boneless meats, fruits and vegetables. Slices perfectly in the manner you want to. A perfect cut will give you an amazing working experience in the kitchen,

And the story doesn’t end here. This knife comes with a 5 blades scissor as bonus.


This scissor will make your job in the kitchen easier and attractive. It’s pretty hard to cut the herbs quickly and cleanly. Normally You need to use cutting board and good knife for that. Even then the chances of cutting your fingers while working fast is there. But this scissor will not only be used without any chances of cutting your fingers but also reduce the usage of cutting board. It will perfectly cut the herbs and spices, making a perfect garnish.

So overall it makes a perfect set for your kitchen. And the price is reasonable as well. You can buy it in $39.  Buy now on Amazon.

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