Rihachan Ceramic Knife Set – A Perfect Addition to Your Kitchen

Knife is the most essential tool for the cooking. Being a Chef I always look for sharp edge, rust free knife. And the knife must be easy to grab too. Recently while was browsing I came across a set of ceramic knives on amazon with the name “Rihachan Ceramic Knife Set”. It was a set of 4 knives of different size.

Rihachan Ceramic Knife SetI liked these knives from the first look. But as you all know I don’t just go with anything or buy anything unless I thoroughly go through its details and evaluate other customers reviews. So I went through the details of the product all seems good all qualities I was looking for were there. Without wasting anytime I ordered. I received it within a couple of days. That was really quick..

As usual tore up the parcel and took out the knives for personal evaluation (I don’t trust any product until I try that myself. So First of all I checked the material used in the making of knife. It was a nicely made ceramic knife. After trying it on different things, came to conclusion that this¬† knife works best for slicing boneless meat, vegetables and fruits. And due to its sharpness it becomes much easier to slice according to your need. It was light weighted as well. When I am saying lightweight I really mean that, as my other knives in collection are almost double in weight compare to this knife. After trying on different items I loved the final part, washing it out. It was so easy to clean up even I was amazed. Just poured some water over it and wiped with kitchen towel and it was shining again. And all the sizes are equally useful, salute to those who kept these measurements.

knifeOnce I am fully satisfied by the knife I am here to recommend it to you. Apart from quality and its utility, there is another good news. They are offering big discount recently. Just put discount code PTMOLYPR in the cart and you will get further discount to their sale price.Just review the product on the amazon and you will be eligible for big discount. A set of 4 knife in the range of $13.99 is too good. Act fast as the Sale will end on 1st October.¬† And don’t forget to share your experience with these knife with us. You can order Rihachan Ceramic Knife Set here


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