Keep Your Knives Safe, Tidy and Easier to Access With The Drop Block

Its pretty hard to manage knives in the kitchen particularly if you have too many of them. Sometime it takes a real effort to find the one we are looking for. Even if you are keeping the knives in the drawer with other utensil its not safe in many ways. First of all you can get a cut on finger while searching for it in the drawer. Apart from that its in the range of children that’s even more dangerous. And the knives can get the rust if not kept properly. And lastly the knives can damage the other utensils in the drawer.

So there is obviously the need of something innovative and safe to keep the knives. And luckily I came across the drop block. The drop block is an under cabinet knife block. An innovative form of the traditional block with so many features we have been missing in the traditional one. It can be a perfect solution to keep the knives safe, tidy, hidden from children and in your easy access.

First of all the block is made in such style that it can be raised to fit under your kitchen cabinet. So it not only keeps your knives away from your kids view but also keeps the symmetry of your kitchen. Here is the raised view of the block.


And once you drop the block down all it has enough space to hold a dozen of your knives on it. Actually there are magnets on it that makes it easy to keep the knives intact. Here is the view of the drop block.


And here is the view of drop block after putting all the knives on it. You can see knife of any size can fit on it without the fear of dropping it.


And these are available in different shades that makes it easier for you select the one that matches your kitchen cupboards. Currently shades available are cherry, white, black, walnut and natural. These are high quality blocks made of fine material.

Price is reasonable, starting from as low as $99.99. So its time now to switch to something cool,secure and innovative. You can checkout the complete range of drop blocks at

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