Grilling Star Artisan 2 Silicone Fiberglass Baking Set Mat Liners

Once you will come across the mats offered by Grilling Star you will be astonished to see how effective they are. This mat can bring a lot of changes in your cooking routine. Due to it’s versatility in usage and durability it will become your must buy item. Here are some of those features, that makes this mat unique, useful and effective.

The mat is are high heat resistant, means you can use it in oven at any level of temperature. As the mat will be safe at temperature as high as 482 degrees. And even if you will use it for freezing purpose the mat will stay safe at even at -40 degree. That’s surely a very high resistant level.


Mat is eco friendly as well, very easy to recycle and reuse. Simply pour hot water and wash with soap after use and it’s once again ready to use. Or you can even wipe it with sponge. Means now you can save money on parchment paper.

The mat can be used in differ way – use on top of grills, base, oven racks, microwave and other such sources.

This unique silicone baking mat is composed of fiberglass and is coated on both sides with non-stick silicone, allowing for the dough to be rolled out effortlessly.

As far as price is concerned, 2 silicon mats can be bought at $12.95 on amazon. Here is the link to buy the Mats. They are also offering money back guarantee. So buy it for your own usage or you can buy the mats to gift it to someone.


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