Go Green For Your Next Party with Green Gaia Wooden Disposable Cutlery Set

Are you looking to go green for your next party?
Would you like to entertain and eat in an earth-friendly way?
Or are you an environmentally conscious consumer?

If your answer is positive to any of these questions then you should go for Green Gaia Wooden Disposable Cutlery Set. Containing 200pc (100 Forks, 50 Spoons, 50 Knives) of eco-friendly, biodegradable & compostable flatware.  These are premium quality utensils, great for parties, picnics and camping.

In short these are Suitable For Every Occasion!

This bundle pack includes 100 forks, 50 spoons, and 50 knives. They have been expertly crafted for versatile use on any occasion! They will surely add a unique and rustic vibe to your next event.

Wooden Disposable Cutlery Set
♦ Impress your guests at your wedding, party, BBQ, holiday gathering or family get- together.
♦ Take them along at your next picnic, nature walk, camping trip, road trip, fishing or hunting expedition. You can safely dispose of them without worrying about harming your natural surroundings.
♦ Create an authentically perfect final touch to your nature, beach, island, Caribbean, luau, western, or rustic themed event. These utensils are a must-have décor item.
♦ Add them to your family’s packed lunches. These can also be used by your children for imaginative playing or for any DIY decoration crafts.
♦ This disposable wooden cutlery set is the ideal choice for green living enthusiasts who also want to make cleaning up after a party easy and convenient.

So what are you thinking now? Don’t waste time, save nature, go green and Order Your Green Gaia Wooden Disposable Cutlery Set Now.

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