A Useful and Durable BBQ Grill Set

Hi to all readers from their master chef. I am here once again with a very handy kitchen tools this time. As all my readers know I am fond of trying different cooking tools, utensils, appliance and accessories. Either good or bad, I always share my experience with you. So this time it’s a BBQ Grill Set I came across. I was going on a hill side trip for a week. Obviously BBQ Grill is a must in the hilly atmosphere. So I was looking for something cool to bring with me to help me cook food in open air there.

I got a couple of BBQ Grills one of them was small enough to carry with me. But the problem I faced with it last time, it was tough to cleanup the mess after grilling. And also sometime temperature is not consistent and the result is burnt food. So I was looking for some gadget or tools that can solve my problem. Luckily I came across a site named fineelement.com. They had only one product to offer. But it was the one I was looking for, “Deluxe 3 Piece Complete BBQ Silicone Grill Set”. It grabbed my attentions as it was exactly what I was looking for.

When I noticed the price, it was a big waoo, only $23.99. And in that price they were offering a complete grill set including BBQ Mat, 12″ Silicone Tong, Cooking Thermometer and a free Ebook in bonus (I love when it says free). As expected I ordered without any delay.

Once I got my parcel I hadn’t even waited for trip and called my friend over for a bbq party in the park outside my home. So that I can test the quality and working of these tools. BBQ Mat was non stick and heavy duty. And obviously it was reusable and and surely I can use it for good number of time. Not only for BBQ but it can also be used in the Ovens as well. And after the party it was easy to dishwash.

Second tool in the grill set was Digital Stainless Cooking Thermometer with Instant Read. It had LCD Screen so it was easier to get the readings even from some distance.I loved my experience with it as no burnt food this time. Later I also used it for other purposes including keeping an eye on the temperature of different kind of foods, Meat, Milk, and Bath Water.

And the last thing in the Grill set has become one of my favorites due to its solid made and durability. New Pull-Ring technology has been used in it. And it’s fully heat resistant being made from silicone. This silicone tong had made my life as a chef much more easier.

So my experience with Deluxe 3 Piece Complete BBQ Silicone Grill Set was perfect. No issues at all. Best kitchen tools you can get in this price. So I will recommend my readers to try them too.

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