The growing trend of easy to access halal chicken

There has been a global increase in the demand for halal chicken and meat. As population demographics change there is a greater interest in the Muslim population to look for halal chicken and meats to supplement their dietary needs. Where a couple of years back Muslim consumers managed with what they could find, the younger generation is more focused on including the correct food into their diets.

In Britain, where people are increasingly shopping online, the younger generation expects to be able to buy halal produce conveniently. Haloodies has stepped into the growing demand for convenience and provides quality halal chicken and meats that can be ordered online. In general, having readily available access to halal food has revolutionised the way Muslims in Britain are eating nowadays. There is no limit to the culinary delights that can be created at home.

halal foods

Halal does not refer to just the meat; it is what is permissible according to Islamic law. The entire process in the preparation of the meat should ensure it is pure and free from contamination. The animal should be kept in humane conditions and fed well. The slaughter has to be performed by an elder in the community with a very sharp knife to cause minimum pain to the animal. It is then hung upside down so that all the blood is drained out. This should be done respectfully and not in the presence of other animals. Meat prepared according to these specifications is considered healthy as it contains neither toxins nor impurities. For anybody who likes to maintain a healthy lifestyle halal meat is an option even if not a religious requirement.

While people travel the globe to settle elsewhere and embrace other cultures they still appreciate being able to source food that relates to their own way of life. Halal is a way of life for Muslims, so having access to halal chicken and meat makes all the difference. The growing foodie trend is here to stay, and younger and health conscious Muslims choose increasingly to eat in the comfort of home.

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