Healthy fast food at sub sandwich chains

  • Fast food chainsOpt for the smaller sized subs. Ordering a 6-inch sub over the footlong can save you between 500-700 calories.
  • Choose whole-grain buns or bread instead of white bread, French rolls, or cheese breads.
  • Go easy on the mayonnaise and condiments. You can save even more calories by asking for the condiments on the side.
  • Dress your sandwich with mustard, vinegar, or low-fat dressing instead of mayonnaise and calorie-heavy special sauces.
  • Go light on the cheese, or better yet, skip it altogether.
  • Eat half the sandwich at lunch and save the other half for later.
  • Load up on veggies, such as tomato, lettuce, pickles, onions, green and red peppers, and olives.
  • Skip the chips. Get something healthier on the side, such as an apple, a small side salad, or a yogurt.
Healthier fast food sandwich options
Foot-long sub Six-inch sub
High-fat meat such as ham, tuna salad, bacon, meatballs, or steak Lean meat (roast beef, chicken breast, lean ham) or veggies
The “normal” amount of higher-fat (cheddar, American) cheese One or two slices of lower-fat cheese (Swiss or mozzarella)
Keeping the sub “as is” with all toppings Subbing out cheese and meat for extra veggie toppings
Choosing white bread or “wraps” which are often higher in fat than normal bread Choosing whole-grain bread or taking the top slice off your sub and eating it open-faced

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