Chaga Mushrooms are original, healthy and pure

Chi Chaga is a unique, health effective and quality brand with a variety of products made from Chaga Mushrooms.  These chaga mushrooms are hand picked in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec without damaging the birch tree and allowing it to regrow.

These Chaga Mushrooms are available in chunks , powder and in a variety of flavours (mint, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger). These Chaga Mushrooms are kept in chunks to preserve quality and nutrients.In that way the quality and purity of the mushrooms are kept at its maximum level.

If we  look into the products chaga tea chunks is one of the main products. Due to its immune-boosting properties, it has long been used as anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial ,anti-aging. It is considered to be a powerful adaptogen and immunity booster.


As far Chaga Tea Powder is concerned this carefully selected powder contains large amounts of phytonutrients and immune supporting compounds such as Beta Glucans and Polysaccharides. Chaga powder can be consumed as tea, added to coffee, smoothie or your favorite recipe.

chaga spicesWild Mushroom & Premium Spices are available in different flavours. Studies have found that they may help with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, encourage weight loss, lower cholesterol, re-enforce immune system, detoxify, and bring about mental alertness.

Overall all Chi Chaga products are so useful, beneficial for health, made of purely selected Chaga mushrooms. And the best of all the prices are so reasonable.

You can checkout the complete variety on Chi Chaga Website.

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