The Plan of the Basic Moon Diet

The schedule of dieting efforts is extremely important in the moon diet. Timing is the key thing in such kind of weight loss. Using the information about phases of the moon and following the recommendations you go with the stream because the Universe advises you what to do.

The basic moon diet continues 24 h. You may start it at the full moon as well as at the new moon.

But it is extremely important to know the date and time of the new/full moon appearance in the sky. Two assistants are ready to help you in this question: online moon phase calendar and moon phase software which is possible to install to your mobile

There is no reason to start diet if you missed the minuet of the new/full moon appearance. Because, as we already said, the main thing in this deal is timing. Of cause, if you are sleeping at that time, it’s ok, because food intake does not occur during sleeping. But when you get up and find out that the necessary moon phase began, start the diet at once. The required moon phase may start during the daytime as well. In such situation you have just to start at the minuet it occurs and follow your plan of diet during 24h. To be precise with the timing, you may use VeBest Moon Phase. Its usage is very comfortable as it is always on hand in your mobile or computer.

Your diet during full/new moon

The solid food intake is not allowed during the 24 h since the appearance of new/full moon. If not solid food, what food is allowed? The thing is that juices and hot tea are assimilated by organism like food, not like drinks. Much nutrition is absorbed by organism from the liquids. They give necessary energy to your body. You should not take sugar at all, even with tea. But sweet natural squeezed fruit are allowed. So, it is necessary to remember, that you have no consume sugar, salt and other additives.

Drinking of tea and juices is not the key and main thing of the diet of such kind. The most important thing is drinking of water which influences the loss of weight and purification of organism in the best way. Water is a great aid for the “cleaning effect” of the new or full moon. Sufficient quantity of water is about 2 liters during 24 h. But, if you need more, you may drink quantity you need.

So, all your drinks and meals for this period is water, squeezed fruit and tea without sugar.

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