You will love this Indian cooking book

Many people think that Indian food is complicated to make. To start with, you have all those mysterious spices and flavours. Then there are all those difficult to remember names; for example, what exactly is the difference between a Chicken Bhuna and a Chicken Vindaloo?

Indian Cookery De-Mystified

If you read some of the Indian recipe books or websites out there or watch those TV programmes, it still looks very difficult, and everyone seems to have a completely different recipe even for the dishes that you order regularly when you go out for a curry and thought you knew.

All of this might put you off cooking your own Indian food from scratch and it’s all too easy to reach for a can of generic chicken curry from the supermarket or to take a trip down to the local takeaway.

Finally, here’s a little book that will show you how to cook great Indian food at home quickly and simply without having to keep going to specialised shops for all sorts of obscure ingredients and without making your house smell like a curry house. The recipes are all super simple and there’s no weighing or measuring required. And you’ll amaze your friends and family by rustling up genuine Indian food for them!

The book contains recipes for a great curry base and the most popular starters, curries, side dishes, rice dishes, Indian breads and desserts.

There’s even a brief glossary of Indian food words at the end of the book which you’ll find useful wherever you choose to eat.

This book is designed to be a collaborative project so if you have any comments or suggestions after buying it, simply send an email to using the Contact Us and I’ll send a revised version out to all buyers every six months or so.

Please buy with confidence. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply let me know and you’ll receive a full refund immediately.

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