Turmeric & Spice: Indian Cuisine for the Mind, Body and Spirit

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“This is a beautifully written book. The recipes are easy to follow and they taste amazing. It’s a great book for someone who is new at Indian cooking, her recipes are very detailed and anyone can follow them easily…A must buy if you’re new to Indian cooking.” – Mona, Amazon 5 Star Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Indian Cuisine Cookbook Brings Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom to the Dining Table! TURMERIC & SPICE: INDIAN CUISINE FOR THE MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT, delivers on the promise of healthy, wholesome eating.

The Ayurvedic healing traditions in India date back thousands of years. Through the strategic use of herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables in the preparation of delicious meals, Ayurvedic chefs have been improving the lives of millions throughout the world.

Topics covered in this beautiful new cookbook include:
* When and how to use spices to “unlock” the taste of food
* Balancing the gut biome with fermented ingredients
* Which kitchen equipment essentials are needed for Indian cooking
* Multiple step-by-step recipes for traditional Indian meals hailing from cities, such as Mumbai (Bombay street food), and regions such as Gujarat, South India, and North India.
* An entire chapter dedicated solely to chutneys

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