Superior Plates and Places – Culinary Adventures of the Yooper Goddess

If you are looking for some real culinary adventure then you will feel lucky to have a book like “Superior Plates and Places – Culinary Adventures of the Yooper Goddess”. 128 pages book that will let the Yooper Goddess take you on a culinary adventure of the Upper Peninsula.

Who is Yooper Goddess?

A Yooper Goddess is any woman from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan who is a source of grace, beauty and knowing. She embraces life, laughs often and lives life to the fullest. Whether your passion is shopping, cooking, yoga, exercising, wine drinking, working, cleaning, playing embrace it every day and do it like a Goddess!

What actually is inside Book ?

Each chapter of the book will introduce you to her favorite eateries or adventures in the U.P. coupled with her unique recipes. Chapters include titles such as Outhouses and Toast, Those Monks Sure Can Cook and More like that.

In short it will be adventure, fun, taste filled recipes. You will not be bored at all reading and then cooking these dishes.

Where to purchase the book?

You can purchase the book from yooper goddess website on the site you will also find more adventures and recipes too.


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