Now You Can Make Chicken in 92 Ways !

Do you like chicken? I love chicken and like to cook it in as many ways as possible. But yet sometimes I feel these not enough for the change of taste and variety. So I searched online for some simple but tasty chicken recipes. Luckily I came across a  Kindle cookbook titled “92 SIMPLE WAYS TO MAKE CHICKEN: Basic, Adjustable Recipes You’re Sure to Enjoy!” . Book got so many new recipes I really enjoyed.

Book is written by Diana,  who has spent more than 20 years working in the foodservice industry with several national chain restaurants. She also worked as a manager and district manager of a locally owned food chain for over eight years. Armed with her knowledge and experience in the foodservice industry, Diana was able to develop delightful family meals and menus to enjoy. Going through this book you can feel what difference such experience and cooking skills can make. She has created so many different recipes out of simple ones or mixing things up. As far as writing books is concerned Diana is relatively a new author, but she has done the full justice with the book. You will surely enjoy reading the recipes.

cookbookBest thing about this cookbook is, its this is the first cookbook that was designed specially for Kindle. Most of the cookbooks we come across are formatted for Kindle. The first chapter of this Kindle cookbook was cleverly designed to add the convenience of a hard copy cookbook (flipping through the pictures) while keeping all the versatility of a Kindle book. That will surely make things easier and interesting.

With a chapter of 52 pictures, you can easily scroll through to find one that interests you. Then, when you find one you like, simply click on that image and you will be taken directly to that recipe. It’s that easy! Plus this cookbook still includes a full table of contents as well as a table of contents for individual chapters so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Besides the 92 simple and delicious chicken recipes that are logically categorized in this book, Diana also includes useful information such as safe handling of chicken as well as how to prepare your chicken to make it delicately tender and juicy!

This Kindle book is available for just $4.99 US Dollars. You can Order your copy of book here.


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