More than 100 Apple Recipes in ‘The Fly CreekCider Mill Cookbook’

Apply is favorite fruit of many of us. A very delicious, juicy fruitĀ  rich in vitamins and healthy. If you know only one way of eating the apple you are living in old ages. Apple can be used in so many dishes, means we can have it in dozens of ways. How? All your answers are inside a cookbook written by Brenda and Bill Michaels. Title of the book is ‘The Fly CreekCider Mill Cookbook’.


Released to commemorate the 160th anniversary of the Fly Creek Cider Mill and Orchard, one of the oldest and most beloved working cider mills in New York State, this cookbook collects more than 100 apple and cider based recipes.

The Fly Creek Cider Mill Cookbook captures the history of the mill through stories, photography, and a diverse collection of apple and cider based recipes.


The recipes in the book are divided into nine sections: Basic Recipes, Breakfast, Starters and Snacks, Soups and Salads, Sides, Main Courses, Breads, Desserts, and Drinks.

I am sure you will love those recipes (Most of them are easy to make and you can try them at your home) . So want a copy of this book ? Of course you would love to have it.

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