Japanese health benefiting recipes book “Shoku-Iku” by Makiko Sano

Makiko an expert in Japanese recipes and cooking  has recently released her 2nd Book “Shoku-Iku”. The book consist of recipes for those who want to know the secret to healthy living and long life of Japanese.  So if you want to eat for long and healthy life this book is surely for you.

Makiko is the owner of Suzu restaurant. Makiko began her journey by helping her friends prepare food for children’s parties.As the demand for her parties grew word of Makiko’s amazing sushi spread.  The next logical step was for Makiko to open her own restaurant “Suzu”.

With Suzu you will experience the very best in traditional and modern Japanese food. Using the freshest ingredients, dishes are prepared to order by experienced Japanese chefs. Some ingredients, by their nature, will have been frozen, however we ensure that only the very best are used.

Apart from running restaurant  Makiko has taught the art of sushi making to more than 40000 people in the last five years – from children’s parties and classes, to adult sushi lessons. If you are interested in attending her cooking lessons you can find more information here.


So with all that experience and expertise she has put together all those recipes in her book. Do you think you should miss the opportunity to grab that much information about Japanese eating style and healthy food secrets ? I am sure you wont. Good news for you is she is offering “HALF PRICE INCLUDING POSTAGE”  on her book. You can order the book on following link.

Shoku-Iku book by Makiko Sano

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