Beyond Vegan : Recipes to cook using healing foods that fuels the body

Why do you eat food? For the taste? To take care of your appetite? Or for your health ?  Or just for the sake of eating food? If you ask me it will always be my health along with appetite need. So I always look for food and recipes those are healthy and keep my diet balanced. I recently came across a very informative cook book  titled “Beyond Vegan”. It is the first in a new cookbook series that shows you how to cook using healing foods that fuel the body and provide it the proper balanced alkaline environment to aid in self repair.


Means you can get a lot of recipes on healthy food that will heal up your body and give the required energy and calories for your body.  We are stuck with poultry and meat related products. But this book will help you replace chicken, fish, eggs and cheese with delicious plant derived options those are not only easy to prepare but also good in taste as well.

The good thing about this book is the way it’s written. The writer has kept the language very simple, even if you are not expert in cooking it can also be helpful for you. And it provides step by step guidance with fantastic base recipes you would love to cook.

The book is available in very reasonable price $15.99. You can buy it here.

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