Balancing Point Cookbook by Cheryl Gomez

I am fond of reading food, cooking and diet related books. And I always recommend you the ones I find to be useful. One such book I recently came across on amazon titled “The Balancing Point Cookbook“. Actually its the Vol. 1 of this cook book. Means more volumes to come in near future.

If you are looking for real healthy food recipes then this book is for you. It has all the recipes those are egg-free, vegan, vegetarian, Paleo and low glycemic requirements. The ones with no corn or gluten. Best thing is, all the recipes are tasty and inspiring no dull food, no tasteless stuff at all.

The book is written by Cheryl Gomez, a yoga instructor, educator, and Reiki master .  She has done B.S. in Sports Science with minors in Nutrition and Wellness. She has vast experience  in the field of health and wellness. This book is the current accumulation of a journey dealing with her own food sensitivities and health issues. I am sure you will not only love this book but wait for the next volume as well.

You can buy this book on Amazon or you can download it here

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