You need to read this before you eat something from your storage !

Are you about to eat or drink something from your storage?

Wait !! Don’t eat it. Do you know if its fresh or past its storage life ? Are you sure you have stored and kept it the right way? What if the food is spoiled or rotten? What if its already expired? What would be the result of eating or drinking such food or beverage ? Food poisoning, illness or even something worse can happen to you.

All that means its something too much important and yet we ignore such things in our daily life. For our safety and perfect health we need to keep a check on the items we eat or drink. That’s obvious we can’t eat fresh food every time. Storing food or drink is the need to the time. But the point is how to store it perfectly to keep it healthy and safe. And for how much time we can keep our food items?


Generally speaking the answer is very complicated. As each food and drink has its own properties. And based on their type and ingredients their shelf life differs. Apart from that you can’t store all foods in similar way. Their are different methods of food storage. So it’s hard to know and keep in mind all of these.¬† But their is a site called “Fresher Pantry that has solved our problem completely .

Fresh Pantry is a guide to Food and Beverage Shelf Life. It contains a database that consists of the shelf live of hundreds of food items. You just need to search the food item and here you go. You can not only see the shelf life of the food item . But the blog also  features food storage tips. Means plenty of knowledge related to food storage will be there. So its very simple now. Before eating anything you stored just check out on Fresh Pantry whether it still have some life in it or not.

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