You don’t have to be a chef to cook like one!

Yes you don’t need to be a cook. A perfect example of this can be found on the YouTube Channel Culinary Bites” . The channel has so many delicious dishes making videos.

And something that’s special about the channel is, its run by a professional doctor not a chef. If someone who cooks by hobby and who is not a trained chef,¬† can cook such tasty food why don’t you?

That’s the main idea on which this channel is based. You don’t have to be a chef to cook like one! So many of people eat out everyday and their kids are eating take out or fast food every night rather¬† than cooking at home. So the channel is an inspiration for them.

At the moment the channel got 12 videos of cooking foods ranging from super easy to a little more complicated. Checkout the Culinary Bites”.

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