Would You Like To Try A German Recipe Tonight ?

I recently came across a blog with plenty of German recipes and food.  Omas Kueche (Oma’s Kitchen) is the name of the blog  that has variety of delicious  German recipes to share with it’s readers. Going through the blog you can have a glimpse of German heritage.  As most of the recipes are provided by blog owner Suzannah’s Oma (mother) that’s why the blog is titled as Oma’s Kitchen. Apart from Oma’s recipes there are others which are  taken from German cookbooks.

And she also have two grand moms and both her grandmothers were raised during World War II. So she was taught at a young age never to waste food, so she may throw in a few of her own uses for leftovers. Means there is a plenty of stuff for you to try out with Oma’s Kitchen

So what German Recipe you will be making tonight 🙂

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