Wood-Fired Pizzeria into Vintage HorseBox

When I visited Hastings for the first time I discovered an amazing place where they serve wood-fired pizza; one of my favourite dishes. The Pizzeria (MobilePizza-Chef ) was on wheels. This is a mobile pizzeria with real wood-fired oven installed into a beautiful old horsebox. This old horsebox was so charming and beautiful, and it serves amazing Neapolitan style pizzas.

I have been to Italy a few times and the first time I went there I fell in love with wood-fired pizza.
What is wood-fired pizza?
This is an amazing freshly prepared pizza made with organic ingredients and cooked in a big stone bake oven. This is a thin crispy baked pizza with the best tomato sauce, mozzarella, olive oil, parmesan and fresh basil. I just love the smell of fresh basil. The pizza is cooked for less than 2 minutes and is so delicious that I am getting hungry as I am writing this article.

Before this visit to Hastings, I have never tried such good pizza outside of Italy, and I was so surprised to find it so close to home. Everything was the same as in Italy. The pizza was the same, thin and crispy crust, looking beautiful, and so delicious. The taste was absolutely amazing and the same as in Italy. Believe or not this was the best pizza after my last visit to Italy. I spoke with the owner and he explained everything about why the pizza was so fresh and organic. He uses only the best ingredients imported from Italy: San Marzano tomatoes, Fiore dilate, parmesan and even the flour comes from Italy. He uses 00 Caputo flour. He told me that this is the best one on the market.

If you visit Hasting you have to try this wood-fired pizza from the MobilePizza-Chef pizzeria. Freshly baked in front of you with fresh ingredients and absolutely amazing. Try it and you will never regret it. Also, you can hire MobilePizza-Chef for any type of catering events..

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