What Are Some Of The Most Popular Variants Of Cheesecakes?


Cheesecakes are the most popular kind of cakes in the world currently without any doubt. Owing to its simple recipe and ample scope for experimentation, it is one of the most baked cakes all across the world. Among the different variations of cheesecakes around the world, Singapore cheesecakes deserve a special mention because of the unconventional flavour fusions that they come in. In order to understand the depth of experimentation that Singapore cheesecakes are famous for, one must check out the hits given by a simple web search for
best cake shop in singapore in 2018. Although cheesecakes are native to America, most experts attribute its popularity to the
Philadelphian recipe. The unique thing about Philadelphian cheesecakes is that, these recipes make use of the rich Philadelphian cheese. A good number of chefs strongly believe that, any cake is not a true cheesecake unless it is made from fresh Philadelphian cheese. However, with experimentation becoming the centrepiece of modern baking, all kinds of cheesecakes are now widely accepted. In this article we shall discuss, what are some of the most popular variants of cheesecakes.

White chocolate cheesecake
White chocolate cheesecake is a hot favourite of many cheesecake aficionados all across the world. The delectable white chocolate along with yummy raspberries makes this cheesecake a unique experience to consume. Amidst all that rich cheese are crunchy biscuits blended with softened butter. To make it even more enjoyable, these cheesecakes are often decorated with crisp raspberries on its top as well.

Cashew Nut cheesecake
This is one of the most simplest cheesecake recipes to ever exist. What makes this cheesecake unique are the cashew nuts used in its filling. The rich cashews impart a characteristic
flavour together with the dates and agave syrup. The delectable taste of this cold cake is too good to be described in words and does not do justice to the experience one gets in tasting it in person.

Upside down cheesecake
This cheesecake comes with three different layers, each adding a unique kind of taste and crunchiness to one’s mouth while being consumed. Roasted biscuits with fresh butter form the first layer of this cheesecake. This is complemented by the rich cheese mousse containing raspberries and mint leaves. The last layer comprises of fresh raspberries augmenting the creamy raspberry taste that the cheesecake layer had. Mint imparts a distinct twist to this unconventional cheesecake variant.

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