Some Extraordinary Chinese Teas you should know

You might be aware of only a couple of teas. But the things you don’t know there are so many kinds of teas you are not even aware of, particularly the Chinese teas. There are extraordinary teas that will definitely change you life and views about the tea and its taste.  Niu Gu, an authentic Chinese restaurant and tea lounge in Las Vegas Chinatown to list eight teas that will change your life . These aren’t everyday simple kind of formulas or something that your grandma will tell you. Its something that’s been recommended by the person who knows tea pretty well.
All these teas have Chinese names for better understanding here are what these names actually mean. White Peony, Dragon Well,Yellow Mountain Fur Peak,  Spring Snail, Iron Goddess of Mercy, Big Red Robe, Golden Beautiful Eyebrow and  Nannuo Sticky Rice Sheng.
Want to know the full details and obviously the chinese names of these teas as well?

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