Share your cooking and earn an income

The sharing economy world has exploded in recent years, giving people the opportunity to earn an extra income from home. Whether you have old junk to get rid of via eBay, a spare room you can rent on AirBnB or have a crafting hobby on Etsy, the ability to turn resources around us into cash is now the norm.

But what about us cooks? Short of sharing recipes ideas to going into a fully-fledged business, there is nothing to expand on our hobby and use our skills to profit.

Supper is the answer. The award-winning app lets cookery enthusiasts cook and sell their own dishes right from their own kitchen at home. The delivery platform easily allows us enthusiasts to build our own menu of unique dishes and cook them when we want to for our local community.

Supper allows anyone to cook, showcasing their unique style and cuisine. With dishes originating from the streets of Bangladesh to the British hilltops, Supper has attracted a customer base that appreciates good home-cooking compared to their local takeaway or ready-meal options.

What is even better for cooks is that you set your own prices and keep the profits of what you sell and also get written feedback and star ratings on your food, meaning you get to read how much everyone loved your cooking.


You can sign up to cook with Supper right now on the website at If Supper aren’t yet delivering in your area fear not, if enough cooks show an interest they will simply open the area for you. It is completely free to join, no subscriptions or ties, just cook and sell what you want, when you want, from the comfort of your own home.

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